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 General life discussion (sad but true)

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General life discussion (sad but true) Empty
PostSubject: General life discussion (sad but true)   General life discussion (sad but true) Icon_minitimeFri Aug 21, 2009 4:49 pm

All things happen because there are reasons to know, we are created not to be ignorant but to understand life, ghost, aliens and darkness forces were created by satan to fool and decieve human from small and great phenomenon, the dark magic to evil forces putting fear on us! The total error unto destruction “the lies of lies”…

Immaturity of some and the lost of many lives, devil continue to destroy life and blind the weak “the innocent”, from time to time through history, the demon works they are the fallen angels. The reality in this world, spiritual and eternal beings and matters and powers… the world is wicked and the people live in sins… the burning hell to come to consume the evil and unrepentant unbelievers souls.

Judgement that will surely come to the wicked, physical death and second death in the lake of fire. The heard hearted atheist, evil cults satanism and the unrepentant unbelievers living in their own ways… that sin and evilness brought crime, injustice, wrong decisions, and evil actions…

What peace is in wickedness? No peace for the wicked!, What truth is in lies? No truth in every lies!, what good is in evil, there is no good result in evil act!, how sad that the reality shows many people live miserable, the negative thinkings and failures to make change for good, young people in confusions some addicted to “worldy things” devices of the devils to control their mind and heart.

That in this brought disobidient to parents or ruin and broken family relationship. The smoke, alcohol, gambling and bad influence friends. Division continue in this there is no true unity but discrimination, the people who are selfish love only the lovable for self interest. But I know there is an end to all the pain and suffering of every true Christians.

It is not too late my friend… it is not the end the world till He come… God gave us life, live with a purpose… life is to short, it defend upon your choice and decisions whether you will act righteous or evil? Blessing or cursed? If you will choose Jesus or satan? Heaven or hell?

Thank you for reading and to your concerns God bless you all, hope you will pass this to your love ones, and to all the people that you can reach, inside or outside the Philippines.

This events change the World in History and have big part in the lives of many, God, Bible, Israel, Christ, and Christianity, The Protestant Reformation, U.S. Independence, The war against slavery, World war II (against nazi racist), The Martin Luther King Jr. Movements for black people, The war against terrorism, and Obama for Change!

Message by: Baptist Church, Born again- full gospel Church, Shield of victory Christian fellowship, 702 DZAS, JIL,, Christ reign fellowship, 700 Club Asia, RBC ministry, Gideons Bible, and to our good officials of the government (Republic) in every places of the Philippines.
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General life discussion (sad but true)
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