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 Mob Drop List part 1

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PostSubject: Mob Drop List part 1   Tue Jul 29, 2008 4:08 pm

eto n mga pre!!! ang pnakahihintay nyong lhat!!! cheers nnd2 lhat ng mga items n pwd mkuha sa game at kng saang monsters cla nku2ha... sna mka2long 2 ng mlaki s mga mhilig mghunt ng gmit... aus b??? hehehe...


All Monster

Force Core, Upgrade Cores, Chaos lamp


>Garlie Lv 1
Great Sword, Daikatana, Blade, Katana, Crude Orb/Crystal

>Giant Beetle Lv 3
Great Sword, Daikatana, Blade, Katana, Crude Orb/Crystal

>Red Garlie Lv 5
Iron Weapons, Red Orb, Battle/Martial/Armor Set, Crude Crystal

>Garlie Captain Lv 7
Iron Weapons, Red Orb

>Desert Fox Lv 9
Iron Weapons

>Desert Hound Lv 12
ROS +1, Reinforced Set

>Giant Snake Lv 15
Iron Weapons, Reinforced Set

>Huge Beetle Lv 18
Iron Weapons, Reinfoced Set

>Armaku Lv 21
Smart Amulet, Silk Set

>Armaku+ Lv 21
Silk Set , Damascus Weapons

>Bugmander Lv 24
Damascus Weapons, Silk/Iron Set, Power/Smart/Fast Amulet, ROL +1, Coraleye Orb/Crystal, Life/Mana Regeneration Amulet

>Mummy Lv 27
Silk Set

> Mummy Blader Lv 30
Crude Quatz, Silk Set, Damascus Weapon

> Mummy Warrior Lv 31
Crude Quartz, Damascus Weapon, Silk/Iron Set, Coraleye Crystral, Power/Smart/Fast Amulet, Critical Ring +1, ROL +1

>Archionis Lv 34
Shadowsteel/Aramid Set, Shadowsteel Weapon, Life/Mana Absorb Ring +1

>Archyterix Lv 37
Aramid/Shadowsteel Set, Shadowsteel Weapon, Citrine Crystal, Life/Mana Absorb Ring +1

>Archyterix+ Lv 38
Aramid/Shadowsteel Set, Shadowsteel Weapon

>Clay Gargoyle Lv 40
Force Regeneration Amulet, Aramid/Shadowsteel Set, Shadowsteel Weapons

>Antra Lug/Entra Lug Lv 50
EOG +3, Bluestin Set/Weapon/Orb/Crystal

>Lug Queen Lv 60
EOF/G/S +3, Force Absorb Ring, Bluestin Set/Weapon, ROC +4


>Mantis Lv 1
Great Sword, Daikatana, Blade, Katana, Crude Orb/Crystal

>Troglo Lv 3
Great Sword, Daikatana, Blade, Katana, Crude Orb/Crystal

>Troglo Fighter Lv 5
Iron Great Sword/Daikatana/Blade, Steel Katan, Red Orb

>Elder Troglo Lv 7
Iron weapon, Red Orb

>Troglo Warrior Lv 9
Ring of Champion

>Dire Boar Lv 12

>Plant Toad Lv 15
Reinforced Set

>Bugzard Lv 18
Red Crystal, Reinforced Set , Iron Weapon

>Highzard Lv 18
Iron/Silk Set, Coraleye Crystral/Orb

>Patherhorn Lv 21
Damascus Weapon

>Plant Patherhorn Lv 24

>Giant Spider Lv 24
Coraleye Orb/Crystal, Damascus Weapon

>Huge Spider Lv 30
Coraleye Orb/Crystal, Silk Set

>Moscutter Lv 40
Shadowsteel/Aramid Set, Shadowsteel Weapon, Life/Mana Absorb Ring +1, Citrine Crystral/Orb, EOG +3

>Moscutter + Lv 40
Shadowsteel Weapon, Aramid Set, Citrine Orb/Crystal

>Bitterleaf Lv 44
D.T Mummy Grave, Aramid/Shadowsteel Set, Shadowsteel Weapon, Mana Absorb Ring +1, Citrine Orb/Crystal

>Moscyther Lv 47
EOG/S/F +3, Bluestin Set/Weapon/Crystal/Orb, Force Absorb Ring +1, ROS/F +4, Rapid/Genius/Orge Amulet

>Wriggeleaf Lv 50
Amulet of Guard +3, Life/Mana Regeneration Amulet +1, Genius/Orge Amulet, EOG/F/S +3, ROF/S +3, ROF/S +4, Bluestin Weapon/Set/Orb, Rapid Amulet

>Moscutter Queen Lv 60
Bluestin Set/Weapon/Orb/Crystal, EOG/S/F +3, Force Absorb Ring +1, Amulet of Guard +4


>Nipper Lug Lv 1
Great Sword, Daikatana, Blade, Katana, Crude Orb/Crystal

>Rabbithorn Lv 3
Great Sword, Daikatana, Blade, Katana, Crude Orb/Crystal

>Scorp Lug Lv 5
Iron Great Sword/Daikatana/Blade, Steel Katan, Red Orb

>Lynxhorn Lv 7
Iron Weapons, Red Orb

>Zombie Maid Lv 9
Iron Set

> Zombie Lv 12
Reinforced Set, Life/Mana Absorb Ring, Amulet of Dark

> Lynxhorn Zombie Lv 15
Silk Set

>Lynxhorn Zombie Leader Lv 20
Damascus/ShadowSteel eq, Coraleye Crystal/Orb

> Skeleton Lv 27
Iron Set, Coraleye Crystal/orb, ROF/S +2, Silk Battlesuit, Smart/Fast/Power Amulet ,Damascus weapon, ROL +1(not confirm)

>Skeleton Warrior Lv 30
Coraleye Crystal/Orb

>Skeleton Mage Lv 31
Damascus Weapon, Coraleye Orb/Crystal, Silk/Iron Set, Mana/Life Regeneration Amulet

>Babayaga Lv 34
D.T Card (Yellow) DT Skeleton Mine, Shadowsteel/Aramid Set, Shadowsteel Weapon, Citrine Orb/Crystal, Force Regeneration Amulet, Life/Mana Absorb Ring +1

>Hound Zombie Lv 37
D.T Card (Yellow) DT Skeleton Mine, Aramid Set, Shadowsteel Weapon, Citrine Orb/Crystal

>Pantherhorn Zombie Lv 37
Aramid/Shadowsteel Set, Shadowsteel Weapon, Citrine Crystal/Orb, ROF/S +3

>Ape Lv 41
EOG +3, Shadowsteel Set/Weapon, Aramid Set, Bluestin Weapon/Crystal/Orb, Citrine Orb/Crystal

> Ape Zombie Lv 44
Shadowsteel/Aramid Set, Shadowsteel Weapon, EOF +3/4 (+4 not confirm), Life/Mana Absorb Ring +1, ROF/S +3

> Ghost + Lv 50
Bluestin Set/Weapons, EOG +3, Force Absorb Ring +1

> Shade Lv 60
Bluestin Set/Weapon, EOF/G +3


>Crag Turtle Lv 50
D.T (Blue) DT Ghost Ship, EOF+3, Bluestin Set/Weapon/Orb/Crystal, Ogre/Genius/Rapid Amulet

>Crag Crop/Crab Lv 52
D.T (Blue) DT Ghost Ship, Bluestin Set/Weapon/Orb/Crystal

>Crag Toad Lv 53
D.T (Blue) DT Ghost Ship, EOF +3, ROS/F +4

>Peleton/Peryton Lv 54
Blue Feather, Bluestin Weapon/Orb/Crystal/Set, Ogre/Genius/Rapid Amulet

>Peleton+ Lv 54
EOS/F/G +4, Blue Feather, Pherystin Orb/Crystal

> Bugshark+ Lv 56
Titanium Set/Weapon, Soul/Earth Disc Lvl 2, Pherystin Crystal/Orb, Circuit jewel lvl 1, Ogre/Genius/Rapid Amulet, Bluestin Weapon/Orb/Crystal/Set

> Bugshark Lv 56
Bluestin Set/Weapon/Orb/Crystal, D.T. Card - Lighthouse Maze (Grade: D; Solo), Shining, EOG +3, EOG +4, Strange Stem, Shining Tooth, Formula Card No.005

>Bugdolphy Lv 57
D.T card (Yellow) DT LightHouse Maze, EOG +3, Strange Stem, Hard Shell, Life/Mana Regeneration Amulet +1

>Stone Gargoyle Lv 58
EOG/S/F +3, EOG/S/F +4, All Disc Lvl 2, Titanium Set/Weapon, Bluestin Set/Weapon/Orb/Crystal, Pherystin Crystal/Orb, ROC/F/S +4, Force Absorb Ring +1, Formula Card No.30, Quartz Cores, Shape Cartridges Lvl 2, Titan GS of Destruction

>Guel/Ghoul Lv 59
EOS/G/F +4, Soul Disc Lvl 2, Formula Card No.30, Titanium Set/Weapon, Sticky Red Liquid, Pherystin Crystal/Orb, Bluestin Set/Weapon

>Phantom Walker/Worker Lv 61
EOF/G/S +4, Bloody Disc Lvl 2, Titanium Set/Weapon

> Phantom Crew+ Lv 62
Titanium Set, Elemental Disc Lvl 2, Pheystin Orb/Crystal, DT Zombie (Blue), DT Troglo Lair (Blue), EOG+4, D.T Ghost Ship (Solo)

> Flame Hound Lv 63
Titanium Set, Pherystin Orb/Crystal, Circuit Jewel Lvl 1, EOF +4, EOS +3

>Dark Soldier Lv 64
EOG +4, EOF +3, Shape Cartridge Artifact Lvl 2

> Stone Golems Lv 67
Powerful Core, All Disc Lvl 2, Titanium Set, EOG/S/F +3, EOF/G/S +4

> Dark Blader Lv 70
Titanium Set/Weapon, Elemental Disc Lvl 2, Material Core (Shadowsteel), EOG/F/S +3, EOS/G/F +4, Powerful Core


> Auto cannon-OP Lv 65
Elemental Disc Lvl 2, Titanium Set, Pheystin Orb/Crystal, DT Skeleton Mine (Party), Force Amulet +1, D.T Mummy Grave, EOS +4, Force Regeneration Amulet +1

>Hound S-01 Lv 67

>Meca ape Lv 70
EoG+4 ,EOF+5

>Mecha Ape Archer Lv 72

> Mechamander/Meca Mender Lv 75
Titanium Set/Weapon, Pheystin Orb/Crystal, Elemental Disc, EOS+5, EOG+3

> Mecha Bufferlo Lv 77
Titanium Set/Weapon, Pheystin Orb/Crystal, Elemental Disc, EOS+3, EOG/S/F +5, Map Part

> Electric Bird Lv 80
EOG +5, Map Part

> Mechazard Lv 83
Air/Flame Disc LvL 2, ST/Titanium Set, Map Part, EOG/S/F +3, EOF/S/G +4, EOF/S/G +5, Map Part, Amulet Of Guard +5, Extract Potion, Formular Card No. 05, ROS/F +6, Life/Mana Regen Amulet +2, Lvl 79 amulet

> Mechazard+ Lv 83
Osmium Set, EOG +5, Map Part

> Auto Cannon-EX Lv 87
Map Part, Titanium, S.Titanium, Muster Card, Amulet of Guard +6, EOS +3

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Mob Drop List part 1
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