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 hyatt experience in baguio...

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PostSubject: hyatt experience in baguio...   hyatt experience in baguio... Icon_minitimeFri Aug 01, 2008 12:34 am

Hyatt Hotel, Baguio, Philippines

Early quarter last year while I was in Baguio City I had this spooky experience.

My boss just launched a new project and the team has chosen Baguio as our target site. When we arrived there, I was told to report for duty at 6 a.m. the following day. I was rather upset about this, as I had not brought an alarm clock with me, and I am not known for being an early bird.

My roommate and I were assigned to a cabin, which had separate beds. I asked my roommate to wake me up in the morning and proceeded to bed. At 5 a.m., I was awakened by a Filipina standing at the door to my room. She was telling me to wake up, it was time for me to go to work.

I noticed she was muddy, and she was severely injured and bleeding profusely. She kept telling me to wake up, and I told her I was awake, but she was hurt and we needed to get her to a hospital, she needed medical attention.

She told me it was too late for her, but not for me, so I had better get to work. I asked her what time it was, and she said it was 5 a.m.

I thanked her and reached over to get my watch, which was on the table by my bed. Sure enough, the watch said 5 a.m. When I turned back to her, she was gone and my door was open.

The weird thing was this conversation did not even strike me as odd until I was in the shower! I remembered that this Hyatt Hotel (former Hyatt Terraces, South Drive Baguio City) collapsed like a deflated accordion during the 1990 Baguio City earthquake where in more than 300 people got killed. I hurriedly fixed myself and rushed out of the room telling myself that it was just my imagination.

5pm just right after the team was done for the day i asked my officemate Mau (who was in fact a gay and likes my roomate jeff) to exchange room with me, he immediately smiled and said yes. 6:30pm I accompanied Mau to our room and then took off my things and went to Mau's room. 5:30am Mau was screaming and was banging at our door, we oppened the door and then Mau jumped in Don's bed tightly hugging the pillow, he was shaking and pale. I know already that it has something to do with what i have experienced earlier so i just kept my mouth shut. Don asked Mau what happened, Mau said he heard a faint cry of a woman in the room but he just ignored it because he was too tired but later the cry grew louder and closer to him. He was bothered but he cant see anything because it was dark so he just moved to his left to switch on the lampshade and as the lights went on, he saw a woman with blood on her neck, mud and dirt all over her dry face was curbling right beside him in his bed. Horrified, he jumped up and ran to our room screaming.

Don did not believed him at first so he went to my previous room to ask Jeff, i stayed because i was already shaking in fear also. It didnt took 10 seconds and Don came back with a pale face, he said lets go to our other officemates' rooms. Mau and I didnt asked why, we just rushed to wake up our other team. Boss Rick calmed us down and we told them the story, i did also told them what happened to me earlier at that room. and Don told us that just right he stepped out of our room to go to Jeff's room, he saw the same woman that Mau described leaving the room and vanished in thin air.

The team altogether went to Jeff's room and they saw Jeff in towels ready to take a bath, they asked if he had experienced something odd he said no. The team asked him if he saw a woman in the room, he said actually a woman woke him up and said that its 5am already, he was about to thank the woman for waking him up but the woman had gone already.

Boss Rick talked to the management of Hyatt Hotel and relayed the incident, the Hyatt management offered us to transfer to 5 De luxe rooms on the 4th floor. The team slept on one room during that night even though we had our seperate rooms. ;D
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hyatt experience in baguio...
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